14 November

These charts show recent job trends, and computer science is trending up. So is C, as well as Python. There is also a chart showing what programming languages are mentioned explicitly. Surprisingly, C remains a dominant theme. Python has been exhibiting a clear upward trend, but it's hard to make out on this figure since the absolute value is pretty small comared to C. This data is based on searches of job postings, so there is room for debate for its depth and reliability. For example, I suspect that many "high end" jobs don't bother to mention specific programming languages, yet there are doubtless expectations regarding what language will be used in a workplace. For example, we use Matlab in my lab, but I never bother to mention it as a selection criterion.

job postings with various programming language specifications

The following chart shows the frequency of occurrence of various academic background phrases. Note that the absolute number of jobs may not be the same as the ease of getting a job, since there are both demand and supply factors in the marketplace. If there is only one person with a background in statistical anthropology, just two job postings might be more than enough.
Another factor to take into account is bias in the sources used to compile this data. I don't know how they stack up, but the figures should be taken with a grain of salt.

"computer science",  "electrical engineering",  "software engineering", physics, math Job Trends graph

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