03 December

Maclean's Magazine named McGill Canada's top medical-doctoral university for the ninth consecutive year. The medical-doctoral ranking category is for big universities with doctoral programs as well as medical schools. In another ranking exercise, McGill was ranked 21st in the world, but a bit behind the University of Toronto which came in at 17th. (Since I did my PhD at UToronto, I have divided loyalties, not that a few places means anything with great schools like Purdue at position 99, and U Waterloo, which is also very good, at 180th place.)

There are all kind so different ranking systems for universities, and all the measurement systems are subjective and debatable, but for McGill the fact it's almost always ranked high probably is a comfort. It doesn't completely compensate for the fact that they can no longer afford to empty empty my garbage can every day, but all in all it's good news.

While we're in the good news department, Montreal was separately rated (by QS) as one of the top 10 cities in the world in which to be a student, with Paris in the number one position. How Munich was rated in the top 10 while San Francisco was not seems baffling to me.

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Re: McGill ranking

Dear Professor,

as it is obvious from http://natasha.dudek.org/ you have found a way to circumvent that nagging wifistub-test of the Kindle when connecting to a Wifi.

Would you be interested to write a short article about that? Did you go that road because for you, too, WIFI_NO_NET_PROBE did not work out?

I shunned no efforts, and yet the issue eludes me (/etc/hosts with a local webserver did not work, iptables apparently lack the module for a "brute force redirect")... An article by someone like you, on the other hand, surely would enlighten the topic.

Thank you for your consideration,


PS.: 'Tis interesting, that captcha of yours with the "governator" - if mankind is ever successful in artificial intelligence, you will know it first... in a most disconcerting way...

[ Sorry, I did my Kindle hacking quite a while ago and don't remember the details, and I don't have access to the Kindle either so I can't even try to reconstruct what I did. That's for the feedback, though. ]

Posted by: Aeneas at December 23,2013 08:39
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