31 August

In the not-such-good-news department, the union that represents the clerical and technical staff at McGIll University (MUNACA) have had a strike vote and seem certain to go on a general strike Thursday September 1st at 6am. They seem to be are asking for a lot -- as far as I can tell, much more than the university can possibly ever give apparently including a 49 per cent wage increase over 3 years. That does not bode well for a quick settlement, but who knows what's a bargaining ploy and what's a firm requirement.

Thursday is also the first day of classes at McGill, so it may be difficult for many of the new students. The people on strike are clerical staff and lab technicians. This includes many student advisors, as well as the people who make administer lots of stuff and make sure that people get paid. Jobs are being covered by management where permitted, and some essential services such as animal care will not be touched, but I will over a thousand people absent this won't be trivial. I hope most departments have already processed the paperwork for their student teaching assistants who may depend on getting their salaries in a timely way.


Update: according to widely-distributed reports of the bargaining process: MUNACA (the support staff union) "entered the negotiations demanding a three-year salary increase of 49.9%, and is currently asking for 28.9% over the three years, of which 3% is a scale increase and 6.64% an automatic progression increase per year for a total of 9.4% per year over a three-year contract." The university seems to be offering much less than this, and there seem to be many other issues. It looks like it's going to be a long time.

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