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12 September


The Words About Technology and Tools podcast that deals with unusual procedures you can accomplish with technology, and related topics. This ranges from how to modify consumer electronics devices, to experiments that might make an acceptable science fair project.

WATT deals with science and technology from the hands-on let's-do-it point of view. Each show considers one technological idea, ranging from a modification of a a consumer electronics device to a science experiment, or perhaps a set of hardware or software tools that can be used to develop other devices. The shows are delivered by Gregory Dudek, a robotics researcher in his day job (former director of the McGill Center for Intelligent Machines, currently on sabbatical spending time at MIT and CSIRO among other places), who dabbles with technologies both for amusement and to introduce other people to science and computing from a hands-on perspective.

You can find the podcast on iTunes, and subscribe there to get the episodes automatically.

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Your comments on the podcast are welcome. Audio comments can also be left and may sometime be partly replayed on the show unless you specify otherwise. Feel free to post a comment or visit my blog while you're here.

Supplementary links for recent episodes

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Building or modding a digital video recorder

Electric Pickle: turning a pickle into a light bulb

Feed: feed://www.cim.mcgill.ca/~dudek/WOT/words_on_technology.xml

Release schedule: roughly once per fortnight or two (every few weeks).

Typical length of a show: 8 to 24 minutes.

Average show size: 15 Mbytes

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