02 May

Various sites on the internet, including this one, have been deluged by visitors attempting to visit the web page named 09-F9-11 ... -56-88-C0 even where that page does not exist! The result is errors in my web log with this code. This is a number is used to decode HD-DVD's and there is a major flurry of activity over the fact that there have been efforts using the DMCA to suppress this information. For sites in the USA, it may be illegal even to post a news article like this one, despite that fact I am only reporting on this ongoing phenomenon.

The social news aggregation site digg.com was over-run with posters putting up various articles about this number, or simply featuring this number with posts going up faster that they could be removed. This activity was provoked, in particular, because an article with this number in it was removed and this was interpreted as censorship.

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