14 June

As we adjust our mode of living to COVID-world, a strange sense of unreality pervades life. At times, it should be possible to completely forget about the new reality, but that is actually quite hard to achieve in practice. That said, we are relatively lucky in our ability to cope.

Notably, like everybody else, we are using the Internet even more than previously. Here's an actual tip for your having read this far. Like many of you, I am annoyed by those popups incited by the GDPR that make it necessary for me to acknowledge the presence of cookies on every web site. Notably, these popups do not increase anybody's level of privacy, but merely provide an annoyances to all web uses (they very rarely if ever actually allow cookies usage by the site to actually change).

Well, you can get rid of these advisories with a simple browser extension. In fact, several extensions can do it including AdBlock. I prefer "uBlock Origin". If you go to the setting for the extension, then the "Filter Lists", then check filters for "annoyances" you can turn on either "easylist-cookies" or install the optional "I Don't Care about Cookies" filters and bingo!

I feel I should have more to say, but I'll just stop here so that the odd friend wondering if we are still around can find some trace of our continuance.

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