17 April

Another study appeared recently on climate change and its basis on human activity. This one was a meta-analysis of other papers showing that there is a vast consensus among experts (97% agreement) that climate change is real and caused by humans (excellent video embedded below).

How is it, in the face of very solid evidence not only for climate change itself, but for a consensus (based on at least seven different meta-analyses) that there is so much political discussion over the validity of a consensus. Both Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin have recently claimed no such consensus exists, or worse. This is a very important issue and they have discussed it repeatedly.

The most generous hypothesis to explain their comments would be that they are so utterly incompetent that despite serious attention to this issue they were unable to discern the consensus among scientists or the credibility of the people making claims. Even if they are complete imbeciles, however, they have substantial staffs, so I cannot believe it was mere incompetence. In that case, the unavoidable conclusion seems to be that they realize that competent scientists agree on the existence of anthropogenic climate change, but are these "climate deniers" purposely distorting the facts. This is a much more disturbing realization.

If there was nothing else to make Cruz a poor choice for leader, his willingness to widely promote a dangerously incorrect understanding among the public would be more than enough. That such lies about reality undermine not only support for basic science, but even human welfare is extremely frightening to contemplate.

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